Anzac biscuit mix: dry ingredients

Anzac biscuit mix: dry ingredients

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Mix contains: 1 cup organic oats, 1 cup organic flour, 3/4 cup organic desiccated coconut & slightly less than 3/4 cup organic coconut sugar or brown sugar. aka - the Dry Ingredients for Anzac biscuits:) Makes 15, or more if you roll smaller balls!

You also need 2T honey, 1/2t Bicarbonate Soda and 95ml extra virgin olive oil all available from The Green Heart Grocer or substitute the oil for 125g butter or nuttalex.

Heat oil (or melt butter) and 2T honey in medium saucepan. (Or in microwave). When boiling turn off heat & add 1/2t bicarbonate. Mix well. It will fizz a little.

Mix wet and dry ingredients together, add 2T water & mix.

Roll into balls, flatten a little on baking tray lined w grease proof paper, bake 175(C) fan forced oven about 8 minutes or until a little brown.

Cool on tray or if too brown on cooling rack. Be careful, they are soft till they set:) DELISH!!

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