Our logo is our motto

Our logo is our motto

What makes us a sustainable business...

Rethink - We think about the environmental and social impact of everything we do. We don't go for the cheapest, easiest option, we aim for the most sustainable option. 

Refuse - We ask our suppliers how things are packaged and are annoyingly fussy about how they package our orders and deliver them! We politely request no excess packaging and favour plastic free, quality bulk food. 

Reduce - Did you know 30% of the food we buy ends up in landfill? We offer small quantities as well as large quantities so that you can buy what you need. We aim for zero waste to landfill and reduce what we put into the recycling bin by reusing jars and boxes and turning any soft plastic bulk packaging into reusable bags and other projects! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what we do.

Re-use - We collect jars, ice cream containers and yoghurt pails and reuse these to pack your staple pantry foods. We encourage you to return these as well as the labels, so that we can continue to reuse.  

Repair - We take satisfaction in having things for a long time and repair things until they cannot be repaired any more. If something cannot be pulled apart and recycled, it is with extreme sadness it would go into landfill or be appropriately disposed of in the case of e-waste.

    Recycle - But... we are mindful that not everything that is recyclable is recycled and this process requires much energy and resources. Some products such as plastics don't recycle well: a more realistic term is down-cycle then landfill and worse - plastics often end up in our rivers and oceans.

    So recycling is very important but remains the final option and certainly is not the solution to the war on waste!

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