Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps are a brilliant alternative to plastic cling wrap and zip lock bags. They are easy to make and will last 6-12 months with good care. When the wrap is at the end of its first life - you can re-wax and give it a whole new round of life! If needed it can go into the compost and will break down naturally.

This makes the perfect size for sandwiches or to cover a small plate or bowl.

You need:

  • 30cm x 30cm piece of repurposed 100% cotton fabric. (Avoid white fabric). Use pinking sheers on the edges and pre wash.
  • About 35g beeswax grated
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Old towel
  • 2 sheets of Baking paper ~40cm x 40xm  (If You Care brand seems to be the most eco friendly available, but let me know if you have found an even better one!)


  1. Set iron to med-hot.
  2. Lay towel (folded) on ironing board to protect it.
  3. Place one sheet of baking paper on towel.
  4. Place piece of fabric on top of baking paper.
  5. Sprinkle most of grated wax evenly onto fabric. Leave about a 1cm gap of no wax along the edge of the fabric, as wax will spread here when melted).
  6. Place second piece of baking paper on top.
  7. Iron! This will melt the wax. Use the iron to spread the wax to the edges. This can take between 7-15 minutes. 
  8. When all the wax has melted, peel back the baking paper. If needed sprinkle more wax in dry areas, lay paper back down and iron.
  9. When finished, peel baking paper sheets off fabric. Wave in air for 10-30 seconds till dry and voila! Your wrap is ready!!!!
  10. Peel any left over wax off the baking paper and save in air tight container to reuse later! Beeswax is also great in DIY moisturiser and lip balm!

Cleaning instructions:

Wipe with a damp soapy cloth, or rinse under luke warm water. Best not to dip the wrap in water.

Use & care:

Wrap will be stiff at first. Scrunch/ warm the areas you want to be "sticky" with your hands. Use for wrapping sandwiches, rolls, wraps, covering bowls, fruit/ veggies, cheese etc!

Do not use the wrap with hot food or meat. Do not microwave. Can go in fridge and freezer!

Have fun! xx






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