Sustainable Saturdays Summary Part 2

December 1st concluded our final (six/ six) session of Sustainable Saturdays for 2018, supported by the City of Cockburn!

Session 1 (July) included what is waste, sustainability, consumerism, linear economy, happiness and personal goal setting to reduce one’s waste;

Session 2 (August): Make and take deodorant, coffee scrub, toothpaste and cold cream with special guest Lindsay Miles of Treading My Own Path and an introduction to micro plastics and fibres as well as summarising what we learnt in session one;

Session 3 (September) was make and take a boomerang bag, a beeswax wrap and newspaper bin liner with special guests Isobel and Sandie;

Session 4 (October) was on the importance of eating fresh, local, seasonal and organic with special guest Jude Blereau of Wholefood Cooking;

Session 5 (November) was a repair session with repairer’s Kate (taught us darning and mending) and Electrician Phil, where participants could bring in their broken electrical goods, plus a repurpose station for making gift tags and cards; and

Session 6 (December) was on recycling, the importance of closing the loop and buying recycled, an introduction to a circular economy and celebrating goals achieved over 6 months!

The Purpose of Sustainable Saturdays

Sustainable Saturdays are designed to be fun, friendly, interactive and inspiring. They are about educating people on what sustainability means and to bring like minded and interested people from the community together. The message in all sessions is "RETHINK" and "REDUCE," be aware of consumerism, our linear economy and why recycling is the last step.

Zero the Heroes - the first participants of Sustainable Saturdays!

We had a lovely group of people who joined us for all six sessions and lots of people who came for just one, two or three!

Participants were encouraged to set and achieve personal goals to reduce their waste. Of those who have completed the survey so far 6.25% said they achieved all of their goals; 31.25% achieved most of their goals; 43.75% achieved some of their goals; and 18.75% did not set any as they only attended one session.

Almost all of participants reported an increased understanding of the areas we covered eg. waste, sustainability, consumerism and recycling.

I asked the participants to rate the session they attended with one of the following options:

  • Did not enjoy;

  • It was ok;

  • Thoroughly enjoyed.

Those who have completed the survey so far, answered almost all sessions were "thoroughly enjoyable". The Repair session was equally answered "it was ok" and "thoroughly enjoyable." No session was “did not enjoy”… phew!

Thanks to practice and feedback we have some ideas for how to make it better for next time, so please stay tuned and spread the word:) xx

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