Sustainable Saturdays Summary Part 1

Wow how time flies! We have just completed Sustainable Saturdays session 4 Sustainable Eating!!!

Thanks to Jude Blereau of Wholefood Cooking we now all know the importance of eating seasonally, locally and organically for our health and sustainability!

We have two sessions to go as part of these series of workshops designed to build awareness of sustainability, get you RETHINKING, REFUSING, REDUCING, REUSING/ REPURPOSING, REPAIRING and RECYCLING.

On November 10th 2018 our workshop theme is Repair. Participants can bring along that pile of “to do repairs”… you know the one, we all have that stash somewhere in our homes!! Something needs gluing, sewing, opening, closing, fixing and it goes in that “to do” pile and often never gets done!! It will be repair cafe type style, so carry in items only.

December 1st 2018 is our final session on Recycling. There have been huge changes this year in the world of recycling, so we cover what’s in and out and some handy tricks to give our precious resources the best chance of being recycled.

There are limited spots available for these last two sessions so please book now

Recap of our sessions so far:

1 July: Rethink, reduce, what is sustainability, waste, consumerism, advertising, what makes us happy, personal goal setting to reduce waste.

2. August: Reduce, refuse, DIY skincare with Lindsay Miles of Treading my Own Path, DIY dishwashing tablets, recap what is sustainability, what are microfibres…


3. September: Reuse/ Repurpose - guests: Isobel from Boomerang Bags Fremantle; and Sandie - master of reuse, teach us some repurposing tricks and I teach the group beeswax wrap making! Chaotic and great fun!

Hope to see you at Repair and Recycle! Book now

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