Free-Range Eggs- which are actually FREE RANGE??!!

I only buy free range eggs so was shocked, like you I'm sure, to find out that many labelled as free range, aren't even close to actually being what most people consider free range.

What's worse are the guidelines released in Australia in 2017 that allow 10,000 hens per hectare to be considered free range. How can this possibly be "free range"?

The RSPCA recommends 1,500 hens per hectare as does CSIRO's Model Code of Practice.

So... I pledged to "boycott bad eggs" a campaign by Choice. There's the link:)

It also got me thinking I must be more mindful of products I buy that contain eggs. I emailed a banana bread company recently to ask the question "Are the eggs you use for your banana bread free range?" Their reply was: "As the egg comes in bulk format (pre-cracked liquid form) it is not possible to know whether the eggs are free-range". In other words no! No more store bought banana bread for us!


Identify which eggs are bad with this guide:

Free app to help you if you shop at a supermarket:

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Again - the message is clear - SHOP LOCAL, SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS and SMALL FAMILY FARMS. SHOP at your LOCAL FARMERS MARKETS (like Growers Green Farmers Market in Beaconsfield, Perth. We are there every second Sunday!) and ask the Farmers how many hens are there per hectare?

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