Can our household be Zero Waste? Part 1

I am terrified that I will be too boring to follow so I will be trying my best to keep things short and sweet... "A quick game's a good game" my Nanna used to say and I will apply the same rules here!!

I am an average Jo... born Samantha Jo actually but you can call me Sam! I live with my partner and our two beautiful boys age 12 and 5. We are your average Leeming family!

I have been on a "green journey" since as long as I can remember but it's only really in the last one to two years that I have been headed towards this = Aiming to significantly reduce waste and have a more minimalistic lifestyle.

I have started a great business - The Green Heart Grocer and that has been easier to aim for zero waste as it started as zero waste. I have control over that!

My household is another matter. 

There are four of us... four personalities! 

My partner likes stuff. A lot of stuff. Mostly just buying stuff. He never really uses any of it! But I have to admit he is becoming better and is now starting to rethink! (STEP ONE!!)

My youngest always wants to go to the shop to buy something, it can be anything. Food, toys so I have to say 'no' to him a lot. Even though I say no a lot to him, he still loves me!!

He is great at recycling (STEP SIX) and always spots rubbish that we need to pick up on the side of the road. He has been refusing plastic shopping bags from age 4!!

My eldest is pretty good - he remembers the reusable shopping bags (REUSE), avoids plastic (RETHINKS) and is very supportive of my mission and I don't want to use 'buts' because he is trying.

So that's our team! What's your team like?


Sam Priestly